Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I miss this face.  Every summer, he goes to Indiana to stay at Grandma Camp for a week or two.  He usually has an amazing time as evidenced from this next picture.

Grandpa is another big kid so there's lots of playing with big toys, shooting guns (at targets, not animals), hunting for treasures and general mayhem.

But yesterday I got an email from my Mom that said:  "He said he knows you are coming down this weekend, Do not be surprised if he wants to come home."  This is the first time that we've encountered this!  I dare say that I'm happy my little boy is homesick!

And I know someone else who will be happy to see his big brother, too.

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  1. What adorable children! I can remember the first time my little one got homesick and wanted to come home. I was so happy I couldnt stand it. Normal feelings Mom.